This Customer Service Charter provides information on what service a customer should expect to receive when contacting ZSIC Life Plc. The company has provided for several channels of communication as a commitment to providing an effective process to meet the customers’ expectations. This commitment is also emphasized through its Vision, Mission and Core Values:

OUR MISSION: To be the most preferred provider of exceptional insurance and pension services.

OUR VISION: Providing a peace of mind by securing your future today.


  • Professionalism: Embrace best business practice
  • Responsibility: Taking ownership of all we do and achieve
  • Openness: Receptive and accessible
  • Motivation: Going an extra mile
  • Integrity: Doing the right thing always
  • Synergy-Work in collaboration
  • Excellence-Doing our best to deliver beyond expectations


  • To complain if you’re not happy with our service
  • Confidentiality and privacy
  • To be served with Respect and in time


  • Treat our staff with courtesy and respect
  • Provide Complete, accurate, and timely information when requested
  • Abide by any legal requirements and obligations


ZSIC Life Plc has vast experience in long-term insurance and boasts of vast experience spanning 50 years. We have technical expertise in tailor-making a wide array of products to suit varied customer needs. The Company has also acquired experience in the management of various risk profiles. With a branch network of 27 outlets and over 500 Sales Executives, the Company has the widest reach in the industry.

The Company offers the following products

Finance and investment

  • School fees policy
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Protection
  • Investment

Funds and Pensions

  • Pension fund
  • Employee benefit
  • Retirement plan


ZSIC Life Company is committed to handling complaints in a thorough, fair, expeditious and courteous manner in accordance with applicable statutes, rules and regulations. We understand that when a complaint is filed, it is an opportunity to make a difference to a consumer, to gain insight into how the company can better provide value for all clients, and to preserve our relationships with our customers.

We are committed to providing you with an excellent standard of service. We realize however that sometimes our service may fall short of your expectations and we want you to tell us so we can address your concerns as quickly as possible.

Definition of a Complaint

ZSIC Life defines a complaint as “a written communication primarily expressing a grievance.”

What should you expect from us?

  • Your complaint will be attended to quickly and fairly
  • We will investigate your complaint to identify the cause
  • We will ensure relevant steps are taken to avoid a reoccurrence.


  1. Call Center Short Code 838

The customer can call ZSIC Life Plc using 838 short code from all the three Mobile Network Operators

  1. Call Center Webchat

The customer can contact the Call Center using the Chatbot available on the website,

  1. Whatsapp

ZSIC Life is reachable on Whatsapp on the number

  1. Social Media
  2. We are also reachable on Facebook and Twitter
  3. ZSIC Life Branch

Visit any ZSIC Life branch and present your query or complaint at the enquiries desk or drop your query in the suggestion box available The query or complaint can be presented to the branch manager both verbally and in writing. Kindly ensure that you include your contact number and address to enable us to give feedback.

  1. Email

Customers can send email to


Our aim is to deal with your complaint promptly.

  • If the complaint requires further investigation, we will send communication

within 15 working days.

  • If your complaint remains unresolved within 20 working days, we will send

you a written update.

However, if you are not satisfied with the way your complaint is handled contact

the managing director at the following address:

The Managing Director

ZSIC Life Limited

Insurance House

P.O Box 30507


We will make an effort to come up with a fair and reasonable resolution to your




ZSIC Life Insurance Limited Insurance house

, Stand no. 4432, Cairo road,



Insurance House

Tel: 0211 222 412/3

Fax: 0211 222 492


Call Centre: 838


Inengo House

Tel: 0212 611 558/62

Fax: 0212 613 410

Submit Complaint

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We have many branches

Other Locations

ZNBS, President Ave P.O Box 210421,Chililabombwe Tel: 0212 382045 Fax: 0212 38242

Musenge Hse, Plot no 617, Kwacha Rd P.O Box 11145, Chingola Tel: 0212 312190 Fax: 0212312191

Findeco Hse, Perirenyatwa Rd. P.O Box 510306, Chipata Tel: 0216 221768 Fax: 0216 221798

Butala Hse, Stand No.626/7/8 P.O Box 630408,Choma Tel: 0213 220181 Fax: 0213 220182

P.O Box 440158, Isoka Tel: 0214 560144 Tel: 0214 560145

Mukuni Hse, Stand 2080, Independence Way P.O Box 80078, Kabwe Tel: 0215 223731 Fax: 0215 223734

Kafue House, Plot No.980, Luangwa Drive P.O 360350, Kafue Tel: 0211 312951 Fax: 0211312951

Findeco Hse, Mubanga Chipoya Road P.O Box 410076, kasama Tel: 0214 221421 Fax: 0214 221423

Ex Legal Building Plot No .1083 P.O Box 20649, Kitwe Tel: 0212 221127 Fax: 0212 221114

Liso Hse, Plot No 106 P.O Box 60793, Livingstone Tel: 0213 321603 Fax: 0213 324876

Kafubu Hse, Plot No 1392 P.O Box 90060, Luanshya Tel: 0212 512849 Fax: 0212 510106

A Galaba Hse, Stand No 823, Monze Road P.O 670318, Mazabuka Tel: 0213 231057 Fax: 0213 231058

Napsa Building, Plot No 507, Airport Road P.O Box840233 Mkushi Tel: 0215 362129 Fax: 0215 362149

Napsa Building, Libonda Road P.O Box 910032, Mongu Tel: 0217 221117 Fax: 0217 221122

Ichumabantu Building, Boma turn off Road P.O box 450137 Mpika Tel: 0214 370084 Fax: 0214 370247

Insurance Hse, Plot No 237, Buteko Road P.O Box 41064 Mufulira Tel: 0212 413090 Fax: 0212 412775

Custom Road P.O Box 430101 Nakonde Tel: 0214 567049 Fax: 0214 567180

A Regional Office, Mpendwa Hse, plot 5276, President Avenue P.O Box 290036, Ndola Tel: 0212 611558/62 Fax: 0212 613410

Ndembela Hse, Boma Road P.O Box 560164 , Petauke Tel: 0216 371134 Fax: 0216 371134

Plot No 1136, Independence Ave, P.O Box 110133, Solwezi Tel: 0218 821241 Fax: 0218 821