ZSIC Life Plc has vast experience in long term insurance and has operated as a division under the Zambia State Insurance Corporation Limited from 1968 to 2005. Following the amendment of the Insurance Act No. 27 of 1997 as amended by Act No. 26 of 2005, the Zambia State Insurance Corporation was split into three separate business entities, namely ZSIC Limited, which was the Holding Company until April 2017, ZSIC General Insurance Limited and ZSIC Life Limited as subsidiary companies.



ZSIC Life Plc was incorporated on 23rd April 2008 under the Companies Act, CAP 388 of the Laws of Zambia. It was registered as an Insurer under the Insurance Act, No. 27 of 1997 (as amended). It is a subsidiary of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), an entity which is wholly owned by the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ).


ZSIC Life Plc prides itself among the leading assurance, savings and wealth management business in its chosen markets in Zambia and maintains a flexible Administration and Pension Fund Management business portfolio to meet the ever-changing needs of esteemed clients. In addition, management has continued to invest prudently in line with International Insurance Financial Standards.